Online Course of Photoshop/Illustrator for beginer

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Has anyone here ever learned Photoshop and Illustrator on Udemy, Lynda (Linkedin Learrning) or Envato Course, …? My cousin is starting to learn design, and is looking for online learning platforms to get familiar with the basic tools and tuts. Since these platforms are all paid for, I would love the advice of everyone who has experienced them. Or if there is something better, please let me know!


I can say 50% of my education in Graphic design is included some form of an online source. I’ve finished uni in art and then went on to learn graphic design from the web.

1st - The most professional in my opinion is they have great courses in many departments and topics.

2nd - In my opinion udemy is more amateur (correct me if I am wrong) but still I think they have great content.

Youtube can be a place to start. Many instructors have a great channel that can bleed into paid content but if you like the way they teach it’s worth the coin.

As always, good luck!

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These are free but geared toward beginners

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Super thank you! Totally agree with you that Youtube’s a huge source of epic tutorials.I’ll fỉnd some channels

Thank you!

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