Online course with real instructor/mentor and classmates


I’m new here and wanted to say thank you in advance for this amazing resource and for all the help you are all providing.

I always enjoyed graphic design as a hobby, although I have limited knowledge in the field. I am currently based overseas (because of my husband’s job) and have some free time on my hands which I would like to use to learn graphic design on a more serious level. Not to make a living out of it, but to be able to design flyers and help friends with graphics.

Would anyone have some recommendations for online resources beyong Lynda and Skillshare? I am looking for something which would have some homework, and which will require some assignments and someone to look over my work?

Because of family obligations I am not able to do a full multiple year training etc… Just looking for the best option online.

I am not able to study locally, as there is a language barrier where we are currently residing.

Thank you for your help!!


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