Online Logo Creation Sites?

Hi, I’m not a graphic designer. I’m a book author looking to create a very basic logo for a web site. What are some online graphic creation sites that will let me have access to create curved objects? If you Google “berlin airlift memorial photos” you will know what I’m talking about. I need to create a curved arch simulating leaving one place for another. Has to be wide enough for the placement of 5 stars to simulate 5 people. Many thanks for your help : )

Are you looking for a free software to design a logo? I’m not familiar with any websites that allow you to do vector work, however.

There are many downloadable software, like Gimp. You can use the pen tool to do some simple illustrations of the berlin airlift memorial.

Oh they are out there…Can’t recall the name of any of them offhand. I’m sure something like “free logo generator” will bring something up in a web search.
Just hope you never need the thing printed in the future.
You could check out Inkscape, but there is a learning curve.

You’re asking a forum frequented by professional designers what online tools might be out there for amateurs. Most of us really don’t know since we never have reason to use them. Sorry.


You just ask google and google must help you. Here are designers who will professionally create and design logo. You might have not any chance to get your answer from here. Because we never use free tools to create logo.

Finally remembered it. Laughingbird. Because it made me laugh that it was laughing at you.
But it isn’t free any more. And you won’t be able to copyright or trademark the results as it’s drag and drop, everyone using the same elements. They may not even be vector.

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