Online Portfolio. What do you use?

Those who have online portfolios. Do you have a domain and website or do you use free websites that host your portfolio?

I want to start putting together an online portfolio, but not sure If I feel like adding another monthly fee to my bills.

I have a domain and website. I should add that I own my own business. So have a branded website and email are important to me.

I have my own website and domain, but I also have a Behance site that I tend to neglect.

I have my own domain, just never seemed to find the time to build my own site. Built plenty for others, but just never got around to building my own. I vowed to get it done this year. Oops!

Classic case of the cobbler’s children having no shoes. I’ve been meaning to update my own site for quite some time, but billable client work always takes precedent over my own work.

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