Onyx Thrive Rip software

Hey all I’m in my first professional design job and getting to print on black vinyl is a struggle. Ik about spot color and over print white and flood white but im still learning it. Ut what im trying to do is print white on black. And print white under a color image on black vinyl. If anyone is will to give some guidance.

I don’t know anything about Onyx RIP software, unfortunately. I could tell you how to do this with Caldera though, depending on the printer/driver.

We might be able to sort it out by process of elimination if you can describe the actual printed results, whether the print method is conventional of some sort (offset, screen print, etc) or digital, and if digital - whether or not the printer you’re working with actually has a white ink channel.

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I have a packet that shows me all the steps on printing white on the back of color for clear media. To print on a Canon Arizona. My boss is not the nicest or most patient and is also put of commission. Any help wpuld be appreciated.

Did you check out Youtube?


and maybe

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Why are you needing to print on black vinyl?
What type of signage are you printing?

I did but i wasn’t sure which one was the right one. Thank you

Also unless this is Spot1 UNDER THE IMAGE. the video is not helpful…ik how to do spot white over an images but not under

You might check this link:


found via google “canon arizona white ink over image”, first result in the search.
A quick perusal shows there are some instructions for white spot setup in onyx RIP in there as well, but this link goes directly to white job setup on the printer.

Based on these quotes, it seems like the video is showing you what you need. White under color is going to be the same for pigmented material as it would be for clear material, if you’re not doing a sub-surface (2nd surface) print.

sub surface / 2nd surface: when printing on clear you print it face-down in which case the color goes down first and white last, and the art is ‘backwards’ so that it reads ‘right / correct’ when the printed item is flipped over.

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