OpenAI Sora text to video AI

OpenAI is showcasing their text to video AI generation tool Sora.

There is definitely something a little off in many of the example videos shown on their site, but I have to admit it is pretty crazy what they have accomplished. While I don’t think it is ready for primetime, so to speak, it makes me wonder where these sorts of tools will be in 10 or 20 years.

I also do give them credit for having examples near the bottom of the page that show examples where the results definitely did not come out “right”.

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Pretty impressive. Thanks for sharing.

I suspect within ten years, we’ll see entire feature-length films written and animated largely by AI. They won’t be Pixar-like cartoon features — they’ll be all but indistinguishable from real movies with real actors.

All the money spent now on hiring actors, creating special effects, assembling a crew, shooting on location, and more, will be handled in-house for a small fraction of the cost.

I really like the ‘out-take’ of the archaeologists digging up a plastic chair. It would have been more fitting if they were all recoiling in shock and horror at the self-walking thing they dug up. LOL!

The puppies out-take was funny too. Multiplication by fission!

This is part of what the Actor’s strike was about. Some of those actors had been requested to submit to ‘body scans’ for subsequent animation they were not paid for. Or so the story goes…(that I have not double checked.)

Ah, here’s an article:

Interesting to hear your thoughts. It is impressive technology but yet not perfect.
Some of the generated videos sometimes have issues.

Within ten years, AI and the companies that run the AI’s will be able to generate the media on the fly and stream it upon request maximized for the user’s viewing/listening experience based on age, gender, current vitals, social media posts, past viewing/listening experiences and telemetry data. Each experience will be so tailored to each user or set of users and be able to adjust itself to provide the maximum dose of endorphins based on that. It will be like drugs

And you can bet if there is an offer to implant a chip to make that all work, there will be a line.