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Hello guys, i’m studying at the moment and i want your opinion about my assignment. I designed the whole car and the background, with only the pen tool. Would you change something, before i send it to my teacher? Thanks in advance.

You did a fine job on the car (it does float a little in the right front)
The perspective on your road in relation to the car, and the elements on the road, is way off.

The car is great, but as PrintDriver said, the shadow beneath the car is off — the shadow at the spot where the tire sits on the road should have a black shadow. In addition, your vanishing point perspectives for the car are consistent, but those vanishing points don’t match up with the road.

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Hello PrintDriver, how can i make the perspective better?

Hello Just-B, does it look better now?

Are you familiar with one-, two-, and three-point perspectives? If not, look them up and study them. Understanding perspective is fundamental to drawing. Here’s a link to start with, but Google other sites to find more. Seriously, understanding perspective is absolutely critical to drawing objects in a three-dimensional space.

The perspective on the car is more or less consistent. Notice how all the blue lines that match up to the various horizontal parallel angles of the car converge at the same spot. This spot is called the vanishing point.

Since the car is supposedly running parallel to the road (because it’s driving down the road), the perspective lines of the road (in red) should have the same vanishing point as the car, but instead, those lines don’t match up with the car or, for that matter, each other — they’re heading off in various directions.

Since the vanishing point for the car is correct, I’m assuming you more or less traced it from a photo (which is fine). However, you seem to have simply freehanded the road beneath it without considering that the perspective of the car, the road, and the items on the road need to be the same.

I don’t want to confuse you, so I omitted the fact that the car is drawn in three-point perspective, so there are three vanishing points. Since the road surface only has two dimensions, it would only need to correspond to two of those vanishing point perspectives. (Notice how the car is aimed in a different direction than the road and will run over the road’s center line).

But now I’ve gone ahead and confused the issue. :wink:


Hello Just-B, thank you for your time and the tips! You’ve helped a lot. Does it look better now?

This takes the self-driven car to a whole new level.

I don’t remember Route 66 has such narrow lane (and a single lane at that) – and, seriously, your vanishing points need a lot of work.

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As @Just-B and @Eriskay have mentioned you need to really focus on cleaning up your perspective. The car’s own perspective is pretty good, but the road and the Route 66 image on the road need work.

I know Just-B already tried to help, but perhaps this will help.

I found this image of two cars on a desert road. In the original photo you can see that one perspective point is “obvious” on the top right. The other one is way off the picture frame on the top left in the gray box I added. But you can see by focusing on those two perspective points, that should help you get everyhting to be more natural and not appear at odd, unnatural angles.

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Just started learning perspective. I tried to place the perspective grid correctly, I thought I did it right, but apparently from your comments, I didn’t get it as I thought. It’s really difficult.:smirk:

This is how i placed the perspective grid.

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Try fixing the ends of the short yellow lines on the road. They should angle to the gray car lines, not perpendicular to the yellow perspective lines.

And where you have a shape like the route sign, you have to make sure both sides of the sign follow the corresponding perspective line. See on the lower point of the 66 sign would touch the perspective line and the belly of the sign on that side almost does? The other side has to do the same thing. Your text in that sign should also be keystoned to follow them too.

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Perspective grid should definitely help, but the problem is you have to perspective points. One set for the car, and one set for the road. Since this is for an assignment it will be much easier for you to match the road to the cars perspective rather than vice versa.

Bottom line is everything in the scene needs to use the same perspective.

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Also my lines are just quick eye-balled lines but it should give a general idea of how you are using one perspective for the car, and one for the road.

Hello GraigB, thank you for your tip, but i’m trying to place the grid the way you showed me and i can’t.
If i move the right perspective, the left one is moving too, to the same direction…

I don’t think you can rotate the perspective grid in Illustrator, but you might be able to. If not, you can rotate the car so it’s grid in aligned to the horizon at least and then draw the road to match. If you want the final product to still maintain the original angle of the car after all is said and done you can rotate and crop the entire final art.

This is what I mean by rotating the whole image to match your grid. Once again this is rough. The thing to keep in mind is the car has a very extreme perspective view, which is fine, but your road and the rest of the scene will as well.

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Thank you very much for you’re time Craig !! You’ve helped a lot :heart_eyes:

Not a problem. Glad I could help.

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Read the thread. It’s homework.