Opinions on Dropbox Pro?

Dropbox Pro is now $10 a month, for one terabyte storage. Do y’all use this, or have other suggestions?

I use it all the time. Just for job file transport, not so much for collaboration, though it has been used for that intermittently.
WeTransfer is another used quite often.
Plus an assortment of secure, client-side ftp servers.
Whatever the client wants.

Sort of depends what YOU want to use it for.
The one thing you have to remember about dropbox (and other commercial servers of this nature) Follow their file naming protocol. Dropbox in particular is notorious for not uploading files with any of the forbidden syntax characters in the file names.

Thanks, PD. I’ll be sure to educate my clients on file naming. :slight_smile:

Yep, I use it all the time with my clients. But file name issues are a giant pain. I just tell everyone to zip stuff before they upload.

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I use Dropbox Plus which is also 1TB. Plus is cheaper than Pro.

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