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I have created 4 mascot logos during my 2 months of experience with Adobe Illustrator. I was wondering what you all think about them, thanks.

This for now is my business logo that I made for myself, and I will post others later. I made sure to try to perfect the shading, I made the offset path myself instead of using the filter, path, offset path tool, and used a combination of different inspiration images for this.

Okay, my comments are going to apply to this post and your previous post.

Maybe I’m reading the situation incorrectly or reading too much between the lines, but my advice for you would be to slow down. You’ve graduated from high school, you have a few high school certifications (which, sorry, don’t mean much in the real world), you have 2 months of experience with Adobe Illustrator, and you’re ready to design your own logo and set up shop as a freelance logo designer. That’s the impression I get, at least.

If you’ve identified a career field that interests you, great. You’re ahead of the game compared to most high schoolers. I’d suggest you do this. Find some local graphic designers and offer to buy them breakfast or lunch in exchange for an hour of their time. Find out what they do. Find out what the local job market is like, Is there a shortage of designers or a glut of designers? Find out what you can expect to make. Find out what sort of advancement opportunities there are. I could go on and on, but I trust you get the point.

If there is demand in the local market and graphic design looks like a viable career path for you, then chart your path forward – which should include formal education. As Just B said in your other thread, look for internship opportunities while you’re in school.

Bottom line, you need to set yourself up for success rather than rushing forward with two months of Adobe Illustrator experience.

As to the design you posted . . . I’m not trying to be the forum jerk, but this needs a lot of work to be ready for prime time. You did a nice job with the shading around the critter’s eye and head / neck, but the rest of the body needs work, the multiple rings of outlines are way overpowering, and the type is not particularly strong.

Again, I’m not trying to be a jerk or throw flames or whatever it is inter web folks say these days. Good for you for working on this and putting out there for review. But my comments stay the same. Slow down. Learn the craft. Learn how to design. As it stands right now, you’re cheapening the field you hope to make a living from one day.

Going off what Steve_O said. It isn’t ready for prime time.
I understand you put a lot of time into this but the craft isn’t ready. 2 months just isn’t enough time to be ready to do professional work. I’ve been designing for 5 years now and I still don’t know much.
Think of this patch as practice. Do ten more.

I think you’re showing lots of promise for your level of experience, which is great. This kind of thing takes lots of practice, so with only two months behind you using Illustrator, you’re ahead of where most would be at that point.

The multiple heavy outlines around the animal, as Steve_O mentioned, are overpowering — especially the thick white outline. They’re interfering with its recognizability.

The shape you’ve drawn around the word probably ought to be symmetrical instead of reflecting the idiosyncrasies of the letters with the word. Think of it this way, when viewed as an independent graphic element, it should be good-looking shape? I do like the subtle curve you’ve created for the baseline of the type.

I’m not too sure about the square you’ve placed everything into. The shape just doesn’t look well-integrated with the rest of the illustration.

Thank you for your feedback Billyjeanplxiv, I understand that with the little time of experience that I have with Adobe Illustrator that I am not ready to do professional work yet. I will definitely think of this design as practise, and make lots more mascot logos, taking my time to perfect each as well as learn new things to add variety and creativity to my content throughout the way.

Thank you for taking out the time to write this, Steve_O. You are reading the situation correctly from what you’ve said. I do strongly with your idea of finding local graphic designers, and offering them a meal in exchange for their time so that I can find out things such as what the job market is like, is there a demand for graphic designers or is there a shortage, the pricing of the career, and what advancement opportunities that there are.

As to the design I posted, I understand that you are not trying to be a jerk, and I greatly appreciate the constructive criticism. I do realise that the white offset path was a bit big and overpowering, so this is something I will make sure to work on with my next logo.

G’day mate! :beers:

If you’re considering going to design school, maybe you’ll find this interesting:

Is pretty long, but is a radically different way of looking at learning design from some of the best designers in the world.

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