Order layers by name in after effects

I have a lot of layers(100) And I want to arrange them according to the name

I’m not meaning to be snarky, but you can’t expect people to take the time to respond when you don’t take the time to write a coherent sentence. We don’t have lots of After Effects users here, but maybe if you restated whatever it is you’re asking (assuming it’s a question), someone would answer.

Not sure that’s a good idea, changing the layer order, as that is what the render order is. Changing your layer order would alter the composition output.

There is a script - https://github.com/ff6347/after-effects-script-snippets/blob/master/automagically-sort-layers-by-name.jsx

Not sure if it works or not - but you can search for these things or get in touch with a scripter to see if they can help.

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