Organizing Business Cards in InDesign

Hi. I’m working on business cards for my work, and I was wondering if there’s a way of naming the pages in InDesign with the name of the person that’s on the business card/page for example. Or any ideas on how to organize them in a way that is easy to find the business card for a specific person? Maybe save each business card in a separate InDesign file and then bring them together as a “book”?

Command F
type in name
Find next.

After they’re organized, what will be the next step? How will they need to be accessed?

I’m the only one managing the file, so it’s mostly for my own organization and I’m trying to make my workflow more efficient. I also have to extract pdfs for each business card out of this InDesign file to send to the person for approval and then to the printer.

I do cards for a client with about 30 different people needing cards. I have each on saved as a separate AI file and PDF. It works well.

I usually have multiple names on separate pages in an InDesign Document. This means to add another name you can just Duplicate Page and change the name and contact details. Then I export a proof / PDF artwork one at a time so I can rename it with the person’s name. Each person has one PDF with their name on it. When I step them up for printing I do a whole sheet with one person’s name, then for the next name simply change the link and they all change across the whole sheet.

I usually have the boss on page 1 and subordinates in order underneath, grouped by department where applicable, but you could do it in alphabetical order. If there is a common back that is the last page. Where departments have different backs this will go at the end of the names in that department.

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Thank you! I have decided to have separate InDesign files per department/facility with their correspondent master page, so it’s easier to duplicate them without getting them mixed up. And having one pdf per person as well, so that if they need only a reprint I can search of the independent pdf file.

I usually just use one file, alphabetize them by last name, dragging and dropping the pages as needed.

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