OS 14.5 dropped update - hold on to your Adobe Hat

I’m guessing updating to 14.5 will render Adobe software useless.

Now I have to put up with a Software Update reminder on the OS for eternity, cos I’m not moving off 14.4.1 until I see how folks are getting on with 14.5 and what Updates Adobe have to issue to correct things.
Maybe won’t be fixed until 14.5.1

Anyway - I would advise people not to update to the latest OS if all is working well.

14.4.1 is the latest stable version of the OS working with Adobe - afaik.

Just a quick FYI.

I will keep an eye on the Adobe forums and see how it’s going.


I updated to Sonoma 14.5 yesterday, and I’ve run into no problems (yet).

I’ll let you know how my coworker makes out. She uses auto update.
I havent even updated to Sonoma.

Yeh I’m terrified of updating when things are ‘working’

I do see some issues people are having with ID 19.4 and Sonoma 14.4.1
They’re cropping up more recently.

If you are annoyed by the red circle on system preferences in the dock, you can use an alias.



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I don’t have it in the Dock
But every day it will come up in the notifiaction area (right top) even though I have notifications about updates turned off in the preferences.

I have no idea why it shows up every day - or just randomly.

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I usually leap frog the OS updates. I dont have time to be mucking around with things every 4-6 months. Adobe, I keep up to date. I have to. Too many bleeding-edge clients force me to do that.
That nagging reminder is weird. It shows up as a notification bar on my home computer all the time, but not on my work unit, and they are running the same OS.

I skip all the updates - until somoene else tests them.
I’m on CC 2022 with InDesign Illustrator and Photoshop 2022
And on 14.4.1 Sonoma now - cos we had to update something across everyone.
So if person goes up a version we all go up.

And take it from there.
It’s like Squid Game

Then deal with the casualities as they pop up

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Affinity 2.4 is OK with macOS 14.5.
Affinity 2.5 is available as of today.

This is good news that will finally make it worthwhile for me to upgrade.

However, I wonder why they haven’t offered support for right-to-left written languages, such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian.

A lot of people ask themselves that.

Is there a lot of top-down writing in layouts in China?

Probably a question of resources and assessment of the markets.

The origin of affinity, headquarters location and degree of diversity probably also play a role.

For this reason I can’t use affinity.

Need to typeset in arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and other non Latin languages regularly.