Our First Friday ♥

It’s our first Friday in our new home. First I want to say how happy I am that we are gathering back together again. I’ve missed our wonderful times together. And so I thought it would be fitting to dust off an old standard for today.

Our Kool, every Friday, for well over a decade gave us a wonderful wrap up of the week with QOTW aka Quote Of The Week. He would open with something like this:

All you, Fortune cookie writing, Odd complement getting, So So close to getting your houses, Zombified, Didn’t know Jerry Garcia was a criminal mastermind, Wishing you’d thought of “Poo Hand Luke”, No longer wondering if the mods actually do anything around here, Graphic Designers!!

Have a great weekend!! :beers:

Since this little spot on the forum is in memoriam of our dear member, moderator and friend Garricks. Known to some as Gary, G and of course Badgerman. To me he was Jooba (I was Ooba). I don’t even remember how we ended up with those nicknames. :smiley: It stemmed from more GDF silliness. :heart:

I figured our first Friday could be his, since he was part of soooo many of our Friday shenanigans :heart:

So without further ado, I give you …


The Garrick Edition


Awesome, according to the Google home page, today is Rodin’s birthday. I wonder if he’s meeting Godzilla for drinks after work?


I hereby declare that 2nd is the new 1st place, since Yoss refuses to lose.

I’m number 2!!! I’m number 2!!!


I’m not bothering to post lunches because I’m on this ridiculously boring 2000-calorie, low-fat, low-carb, low-sodium diet.

I might as well be eating cardboard.


This thread is deranged.
“Home, home on deranged
where the Tea and the Tuliptree play.
Where Bladez is heard,
An encouraging word,
And the shoes
they get painted all day.”


Nobody likes a soft banstick. It takes SOOOOO much longer for them to die. You have to keep beating, and beating, and beating…


Dear Agency Dude,

This is the third time in as many months that you’ve shown up in my building to present, and not had the proper cables/adapters. Of course I’m going to mock you.


Wow, this is as overanalyzed as a Crit Pit post!


Yup. So much fun it makes me stabby.


Ah, now a muffin top is something completely different. That’s the part of a too-ample waistline that spills out over the belt. Frequently seen at WalMart.


I’m happy to see Apple abandon skeuomorphic design, which always seemed to me to be condescending to the user. “Oh, here, we’ve made it look like something from meatworld so you don’t have to be afraid of it. Here, click on it! That’s good!”


I’m older than PrintDriver, and I have a banstick. Wanna rephrase that, grasshopper?


I work at a large company with huge hardwired internet and a firewall much stronger than the walls at Jericho.

Have a super weekend everyone!!! :taco::green_heart::beers::purple_heart:

Feel free to lift a BFGOW or Scotch to our friend :heart:


Nice collection Red! Thank you :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Thanks Red.

Gar was a funny guy.
Miss him.

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Very nice!

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Happy Friday! Thanks for the collection RKK!

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Happy Happy Friday.
a great start to our Fridays here

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Oh this QOTW edition got me right in the feels.

Happy Friday everyone! It’s Saturday morning here and it feels like years since I lay in bed on Saturday morning reading GDF QOTW. A tradition I forgot. Nice to be back but miss Garricks terribly.


That’s an awesome collection, I’ve always missed QOTW and forgot about “pancaking”, show’s how tame the ole forum got after “the update”.

Thanks for putting that together, happy Friday everybody, I’m headed back to the ski hill shortly.

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I’ve got chicken soup brewing on this cold, blustery day. I need to venture to the store later but don’t want to go out :frowning: It’s too cold :cold_sweat:

Tomorrow I am going to my brothers for a while and get to spend time with my grand nephew … that’s always fun :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend everyone!! :heart:

My office closes at 12:30 on Fridays. I’ve been in my pajamas since 1. I’m planning a quiet, cozy evening. Tomorrow I’m going about 30 miles away to buy a king cake and visit my bands accordion player. Planning to watch the super bowl Sunday. I wish my Saints were playing but whatever :roll_eyes:

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QOTW? pancaking? longtime GDFers posting replies?




10 months later…

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