Overload by typefaces

Don’t you feel overloaded by so many options of typefaces? Does it still make sense to create new typefaces? Don’t we have enough already?

Do we really need any more music? There are a lifetime of songs to listen too. Spotify is full. there’s no more room for more.


Yer killin’ me


This is like saying there is too much chocolate or … bacon!

*gasp *


I heard the word BACON!

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Om Nom Nom

… and beer!

I had so many typefaces that they exceeded the file limit for a single folder. I had to create subfolders A, B, C etc. That was over 20 years ago. I have a lot more now, and in that time many many more have been created. Like new music, some of them are garbage but there are some I would not want to do without (Gotham, Great Vibes, Roboto off the top of my head).
BTW when I started on the Mac, there were 8 typefaces available, all bitmapped. Sometimes the choices were tough even then.


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