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Hello everyone. I hope there is someone who could help me!

I am working for a company and we are creating our own packages for different products (not food). We would like to know the best sites or the best ways to test a packaging design (which attracts more attention, etc). We are interested in offered audiences (not our own). I have been reading about SurveyMonkey (they offer their own audiences, however, the one-time survey seems a little bit too expensive as we are planning to have way more). If you have tried other sites or you know about better ways, please share your experience!

Thank you for your help and answers!

Hey mate, welcome to the forums :beers:

Wouldn’t recommend getting feeback from random people on SurveyMonkey because unless they’re your target audience, the value of the feedback will be practically worthless.

If the design was created by you, you could post it here along with a brief and clearly outline your intended target audience and what goal you’re trying to accomplish with your design and people here can give you objective feedback.

Can you please clairify what you mean by this:

What’s an offered audience?

If you still want to control your testing in a survey format, I guesd you can post your link to the survey here. That way pictures should also not show up in Google search results for your client.

@Mods: That would be okay, right?

I think he means a “bought audience” that fulfils certain demographic criteria, etc. SurveyMonkey offers this, but you’ll still get a bunch of randos, as you say, and it’s better to organize your own survey panel.

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