Packaging Design

Hi everyone, I’m a graphic designer who has been freelancing for the past 12 years and now want to go into packaging.

What is the best way to get into this field without experience? I’ve read online that sone people start in production and just work their way up. I was wondering if there are any alternative options I could try in order to get into this industry?

I would prefer to work for a company and not go freelance again.


There are a few people on here who do packaging design.
A lot of them have referred to Esko as a fairly industry wide standard software, but that is a massive piece of software with lots of add-on elements.

Your question is really very open-ended. Have you identified any companies where you live that do this? What are the qualifications they seek and where do you stand? Have you done any packaging in your 12 years? Have you ever done pre-press or production work for any kind of industrial print shop? A lot of leeway can be given if your pre-press skills are top-notch.

Have a look into companies that do print fulfillment for packaging, you’d be coming across many different styles of packing, receiving keylines, working with them, designing on them and liaising with printers for samples, give you the opportunity to visit print finishing and see it all in action.

Pharmaceutical work also do a lot of packaging, but it’s very restrictive and heavily controlled.

Packaging design is meh. Did it for years and didn’t really get any kicks out of it.

There’s great software from Boxshot called Origami

Learning and using this was a lot of fun.
Plus you can 3d mockup the designs on them and it’s super accurate.