Packaging Typekit fonts

Several times I have run into a situation where I’m sharing a file with a designer that contains nothing but typekit fonts. So instead of packaging it to send off I just send the file because there is no point since Typekit fonts don’t package due to licensing. Is this not common knowledge or something?? Because every time this happens the designer will come back at me as if I don’t know how/what packaging is. And I explain that the fonts are Typekit, therefore, unable to package. It is so frustrating having them talk down to me like I don’t know what I’m doing when it feels like THEY don’t know what they’re doing. I would assume it would be easy to just sync the fonts when the program prompts you to.

If this keeps happening, I’d consider making up a scratch file that explains the Typekit issue. Something that you can copy/paste into an email that explains the issue and proposes solutions. I would even go as far as including screen shots that show the prompt which syncs fonts.

I gotta say every once in a while, with Illustrator in particular, those Typekit fonts can trip you up. Especially if Adobe has disconnected your dashboard for any particularly stupid reason (like not allowing it to update in the middle of a very busy day.)
You don’t get the font activation box.

Not many people adopt these new features adobe tries to force on the industry. IMO typekit doesn’t solve any problems that the industry had, it just creates more problems. We don’t even have typekit running on our machines anymore because of the exact reason PrintDriver mentioned. its not worth the potential down time to us, or the licensing nightmare it can become.

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Unfortunately, Adobe is buying up a lot of foundries and fonts. They are creating a monopoly in that industry as well. I cannot tell you how many times in very recent history that I’ve gone back to a foundry to find a font used in a former project only to find it is no longer available and “now part of Adobe Typekit.”

As a printer I have to say, it makes my life slightly easier as I don’t have to chase down licensing, BUT, it leads to a whittling down of legit offerings. In the future, I can see them buying entire foundries, just to offer only a few of their collective type faces. That is NOT what this industry needs.

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