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Hi My Guys!

I’m about to work on my first page design job, but I feel I still don’t have a solid base to develop a consistent product. I mean, looking up some random stuff at Pinterest doesn’t seem very reliable to me. So I thought if you guys could show me some of the main references on page design, what are the best and most known in the idustry?

Thanks in advance, Xico.

Design is not about having the right reference material. It’s about using your skills to come up with a solution that works for the problem you’re trying to solve.

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Yeah, Steve_O is right; forget “the industry”.

You have to determine what your client’s objectives are, and build the document in a way that accomplishes them. “Page layout” is a broad concept; does your client need a flyer? A poster? A memo? Once you know what kind of “page” is appropriate, you can start looking around for examples of effective design of that type, but on a fundamental level, you must develop a vision for the piece by considering all the factors that will potentially contribute to its success or failure.
How and where will it be deployed?
Who will read it?
What do they need from it?
What do they want from it?
Why should they care?
What information must it contain?
What information should it not contain?
What does your client need them to do with the information?
How does this fit into the overall experience your client is offering them?

The answers to those and many other questions you could and should ask the client, yourself, and the market, are your “reference”.

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Thanks for the replies! I’m sorry, I really should have explained better what kind of job I got to do: it’s a sort of portfolio for a cultural association to apply for a public funding program. Although it’s a burocratic document, it should be visually expressive in order to convince the evaluators why we should be chosen to receive the prize and keep offering the cultural activities in our community. It’s clearer now why looking for references should not be the very first step to take, however if you guys still have some good examples for this case I’d be glad to check them out!

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