Pantone 2023 Color of the Year

In case you were wondering it’s …

Viva Magenta

The brand describes the shade as a “crimson red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool.”

Viva Magenta’s organic origins hail from the cochineal beetle. This insect produces carmine dye, one of the most precious, strongest, and brightest of the natural dye family. The red tone of Viva Magenta connects us to original matter, imbibing us with a primordial signal of strength.

The Color of the Year 2023 merges the richness, warmth, and strength of natural matters with the rich, open horizons of the digital world. The result is a shade of red that expands our horizons of authenticity. The metaverse creates new opportunities for us to express ourselves, and the raw fortitude of Viva Magenta inspires us to do so with confidence and bravery.

Pantone Color Of The Year


There is nothing ‘viva’ about that color.
I kinda wish Pantone wouldn’t do this. It makes designer-wannabes think that the textile books are the correct color guides to be using (just yesterday I was told to match a color swatch in the CMYK book cuz…well…that’s one of the only color books left in Illustrator now. /rant)

But I guess it’s fun for the fashion industry. :slight_smile: