Pantone Formula Guides and Adobe Products

i have The Plus Series Solid Coated Formula Guide and am trying to design in InDesign with a specific spot color from there. however, when i try to find that color in one of InDesign’s color library’s, it’s nowhere to be found! i can’t even put the whole pms number in the search bar!!

i know a work-around with my printer, but does adobe not update their color libraries to match the pantone books? or does pantone have a digital version of the color library from a given book that you can download for adobe products (should be free when you buy the books, but knowing pantone, it’s probably not)?

if anyone knows anything, let me know. thanks! :slight_smile:


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yup…just tried that yesterday and can’t get the color manager to install correctly. i’m having my IT team take a look at why.

will the color manager include all of the libraries from the physical pantone books?

Yeah, it does contain all the libraries.
Adobe charges enough, you’d think they could update. The last round of pantone color adds was well over 2 years ago.

As for that color manager, if I recall, it doesn’t actually install the color books, it sorta makes you do that. Then it leaves you with two color systems, the new one labelled v2 which sometimes makes printers crazy and all kinds of happy crap. PITA.

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thanks! do you know if it can be used in multiple computers?

Check the EULA? I haven’t read it. I always assume “No” so didn’t check.

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