Paper Cup Artwork

I have received a key line (similar to the one below) from a client for a paper cup. When my artwork is created, I use the “Warp > Arc” filter in Illustrator to bend the artwork into the shape. However, without a prototype, I cannot figure out whether my un-warped artwork is the correct dimension before I apply the arc curve. So, as a result, I’m not sure will the printed artwork look distorted when it’s completed.

I have tried reversing the arc on the original key line to try and determine the correct (flat) artwork size. Is there another way of figuring this out?

I’m not quite sure what teh problem is here. Use the keyline file as a template layer under (or over) your artwork file and design to the template. That’s what they’re for.

This shouldn’t be necessary if you just design to the template, but if knowing the flat/square dimensions helps, they’re easy to calculate.

Height = A
Width = B + C / 2

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Maybe it matters…

Width = (B + C) / 2

And, in case it’s not obvious, the premise I diagrammed excludes the bleeds. Don’t forget about 'em.

Won’t the left and right form the seam?

I’d aim at the center, and 70% height for placement.

70% is optical center.

Thanks for the replies. What I did eventually was made a rectangle using ‘A’ height. Then I ‘arced’ the artwork by 20º and adjusted the width of the rectangle until it fitted the key line. Then to create flat artwork, I removed the arc (warp) from the rectangle and when artwork was done reapplied the 20º arc.

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