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I’m working on opening up a stationary shop. Any recommendations on an exact brand of paper you have used to print nice quality stationary? It’s for the floral designs on my IG.



I love using Crane 100% cotton paper for stationery — typically a heavier weight and white or off-white. It really depends, though. I likely wouldn’t use their paper for a construction company or a motorcycle repair shop, but for most anything needing a higher-end look, Crane is typically my first choice.

Just a friendly suggestion — a stationary shop is one that stays put and doesn’t move. Stationery might be sold in a stationary shop, but stationery is rarely stationary. :wink: :grinning:


Crane is a highly coveted media in the print industry. Neenah also makes a vast selection of linens, laids, and unique textures that are highly popular.

Mohawk has also gotten into linens and cottons, and often comes in at a better price point than Neenah and Crane.

Strathmore would be another option.

What type of printer are you using? If you don’t mind…

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I’m curious how one opens a shop without knowing the product lines.

I can’t say I’ve had the opportunity to use Crane, but Neenah and Mohawk are definite favorites. I’ve used Strathmore papers, but only their archival art line. That line and the proper inks will pass an Oddy Test when necessary.

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It is quite easy actually. Stationery was sold by the stationer in the old days.

JB – You are killing me.

Thank you! Your response was very helpful. I have a sample book of Neenah and Mohawk papers. I just wanted to see what recommendations were made for frequently used paper. It can be hard to find an affordable option.

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