Paper pad storage

No good. They’re open topped. I’m looking for something enclosed on 3 sides, open on one… a big flat box, but made of something more substantial than cardboard.

I wish I had the money and space… :slightly_smiling_face:

here you go. Make your own. 25 pack bundle of 17x25 pizza boxes is about $20 plus shipping. I mean, sure they have a pizza image on them, but hey, it’s cheap.

Here ya go … and they stand up.



Thanks, they’re just a little small. And cardboard. And wrong… :slight_smile:

Thanks, these actually look pretty good. If I can’t find an open box type, something like this that I can wedge somewhere & not have to worry bout accessing a flap might do the job… :slight_smile: Looks like either these or the corrugated plastic portfolios you can buy, but cut the handle & flap off…

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Or £9 you get the sturdy cardboard box I posted, tape/glue it shut and cut the tops off on the long edge.
Yeah cardboard.
Yeah cheaper.

Do you have a lumber store nearby that’ll cut sticks for you out of furring? (You usually have to ask and you usually have to wait, and the guy might roll his eyes a bit but a place like Lowes or Home Depot does it.)
Some of those, some white glue and some sheet cardboard = done.

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