Paranoia of the www

Hey there.

I need some advice on an advertisement I created lately.

But my bigger problem is my paranoia of the internet. So what happens with the Pictures posted in here?
Do they land on google or elsewhere?
I have no idea if my boss or company is ok with me doing that… so …

if you don’t have permission, and especially if the ad has not been released yet, I wouldn’t post company work on this site. If you work for a boss, chances are your work is “work for hire” so you couldn’t even argue it is your prerogative as owner of the work.

Google Image will eventually pick it up. And if the name of the end client happens to get mentioned in the post, there is a darn good chance it will show up on the first page of a google search if they look up their name.

Post wisely.


PD is right. Any sensitive material or material under ownership of your client or company should’t be posted. Especially anything that could jeopardize your career.

Of course, explaining your issue doesn’t help us, help you, nearly as much as seeing the design first hand,
you could possibly pick a senior artist of choice and send them the proof privately for assistance. But you wont get the full forum feedback. And every artist has unique options to share,

Many of the professional designers who participate here don’t typically post work they’ve done in-house or for clients. There are just certain confidentiality consideration that generally make it inadvisable. The whole time I’ve been a member here, I doubt I’ve posted actual work more than four or five times. Each of those have either been personal work or for clients I was absolutely positive would have no problem with it.

You know, now that you bring it up, something to consider is for us (the forum) to make the Crit Pit part of the forum visible and accessible only to registered and logged-in forum members, which would keep the search bots out, then place a noindex directive in the robots.txt file as added insurance against the text and images being indexed by the search engines.

thank you @PrintDriver and @Biggs

I don’t think my company sees things so hard but I just don’t like having any control after the upload of the images.

The private assistance may help, but it’s difficult with the different opinions.

Ah I didn’t know that. I thought every post was for a client or else. But this makes sense.

Ahh that’s a good idea. Or a private slack group where the members from this forum can sign up?

Hello there! Before posting you have to be absolutely sure that your content (pictures in your case) are good for posting. If I were you I would ask my boss if it is ok to post it. Another good option is, as Just-B mentioned, to use noindex in robots.txt.

Depending on my boss, I wouldn’t even go as far as to ask.
The inquiry itself puts client confidentiality at stake, plus reduces the trust established between you and your employer. Best not to mention that you had any inkling of posting internal documents on the web.

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