Party flyer design

for more unique design to contact with me

Looking for a critique?
Or selling ice to eskimos?

Interesting spelling of Beach…


Looks kinda spammy to me…

We do not allow advertising on this forum. If you would like a critique of your work, we’re happy to help. But please don’t try to sell your services here.

This is a horrible poster. Let me list the reasons:

  1. The obvious even typo. Even if this is a clever way to combine ‘beat’ and ‘beach’, it isn’t working.
  2. What does Grand Mastic with Friend mean? Is this the headliner’s name?
  3. Why is there no space between entry and $20?
  4. There are none of the following: Location, address, venue name, times (doors open & performance time), age restrictions, payment methods (online or at the door), food/drink availability, sponsorship or business affiliations, hashtags/apps/social mentions.
  5. The lack of creativity with the clip art.

It is a bold move to ask people to contact you for more unique designs. What kind of impression do you think you’re leaving with this caliber of work?

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