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Hello. I have created a new pattern in illustrator and I was wondering how do you get it so it fits in with the page all nicely. So that is 6 squares width wise and 9 squares height.
Or maybe due to the design it’s normal to look like this?

You could group it and scale. I’d do it mathematically, rather than visually, to get it exact. That said, I think it is fine, as it is a repeat pattern that it is not exact. Arguably, it looks better to not be exact, so it implies further repeat. I would just make sure that you centre it on the page so the same amount of repeat pattern shows left and right – and top and bottom. Looks odd if left uneven.

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I’d use a clipping mask to mask it to the area I wanted to show, then open it a bit to add appropriate bleed (assuming you are using it for print,) then scale it so only the bleed hangs off the page. Bearing in mind trimming is not always 100% accurate. More often than not, it’s not.

However, the aspect ratio may not be correct for your output size, and if you scale to fit, stretching the image, it will no longer be perfect.

Thank you. Thats a good idea. Maybe clipping mask will work but I wanted a way for the computer to automatically calculate that so I dont need to do too much manual work.

If I have 1000s of prints then to do that for each would take too long.

Um… are you printing the same file 1000 times?
Only need 1 file.
Or, if only the data lines change, set it up as a variable date file to pull from a database.
Indesign calls it Data Merge.

What? You’re printing “thousands” of different sizes?

Perhaps making it a custom pattern that you can apply to any shape will give you what you’re looking for.

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Thank you. These tutorials are always a good idea.

So I have made this custom pattern which you can see above. When i clicked on the shape and selected the swatch pattern, this is what I get.
Maybe I can just play with scale to center the pattern within the frame, will try that out.

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