PC -Based Apps Not Displaying Correct Hex And RGB Values

I’m having problems with PC-based eyedropper apps displaying the wrong hex and RGB values. Also, PC-based graphic design apps don’t display the correct colour when I input RGB values.

I don’t have the same problems with web-based graphics apps and eyedroppers.


I chose a colour from the W3 Schools colour picker. I used a PC-based eyedropper (Instant Eyedropper), and both the hex and RGB values were different to those displayed by W3 Schools.

In my graphics program (Image Composer) I set the correct RGB values from W3 Schools. I created a square using the resulting colour.

I then created a second square by taking a screenshot of the colour from the W3 Schools colour picker and cropping it.



As you can see, inputting the RGB values resulted in the wrong shade.

I tried it in a few other PC graphics apps, all with the same result. Also, I tried a few PC-based eyedropper apps. They all returned incorrect hex codes and RGB values.

However, web-based graphics apps all display the correct colour when hex codes are input. Likewise, web-based eyedroppers all display the correct hex and RGB values.

Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?



Is the file you’re working with within Image Composer set to RGB mode?

In Photoshop, the workspace can be set to RGB or CMYK, which establishes the color profile of the project. This means that if you input an RGB or hex code color into a CMKY project, it will convert it to CMKY.

It’s set to RGB.

I think something is happening when you export out the jpg from Image Composer. Those look like CMYK and RGB versions of the same color.

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