PDF editing apps

I’m new to graphic design and would like some input on what people use to edit pdf files.

I have used an app called “small pdf”

Have also heard some people use GIMP.

I’m not planning to be a professional graphic designer but want to take pdf files and convert to either jpeg or png for brochures, my website, and/or for use in Constant Contact online newsletters.

Any advise would be most appreciated.

Where are the PDF files coming from? The person who made those should be making your collateral to work best in whatever format you are using it.
Gimp is an image editor.
Any time you make a png or jpeg file from a pdf you flatten to raster and degrade the text. Not the best option for website or newsletters. As for brochures, if you mean printed, absolutely not acceptable practice.

Acrobat Professional is the right tool to hammer your screw.

Converting PDFs to JPEG isn’t exactly editing. You can typically use any online converter to convert a PDF to a JPEG or PNG.

As @PrintDriver alludes to - it’s not the best option for online where text is considered. The text is converted to an image - and that means for online it’s no longer searchable, which could be an issue.

And sending out large emails by Constant Contact wouldn’t be wise either as they might not accept large emails being sent out and it could hit a lot of spam filters and reduce your target audiences by not receiving them - or you could end up being blocked altogether.

All in all - Affinity Publisher is a good option - as you can open PDFs directly and make edits etc and export to whatever format you need.

It’s not entirely clear what your goals are - I don’t really get what you’re trying to do.

The part I’m not getting is where are the PDFs coming from?

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I use online pdf editing apps. They work faster and smoother.

Faster and Smoother all depends on what your final outcome is supposed to be. And whether or not an NDA allows it…
Which may not be the point, but is always a consideration.

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