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I have 3 pdfs, i need help to be conveted from pdf to indesign, anybody there will helping me?

You’ll have to get PDF to InDesign

You can place your PDF into an InDesign file - but won’t be able to make edits.

Affinity can natively open PDFs which is a good option.

I asking because i not have the money to buy this program. :frowning:

That would be against the EULA of the software - for another user to do this it violate their license agreement.

If you cannot afford it, then you’ll have to go without it.

It also depends on the pdf. If it has been written as a pdf/x and sliced up / fonts converted to paths / has-lo res images in it, etc, it’s not going to be much good to you anyway, even if you can crack it.

You can open them in illustrator, but again, unless they were saved with keep illustrator editing checked, it’s a bit of a crap shoot as to what you’ll get. Your best bet is to go back to whoever created it for original files. Is there a credit on it?

Also, are you allowed to crack it. Has the copyright owner OKd it?

Yes I have talked to the owner about it okay and that is because it is something to be used for school project. :slight_smile:

You would have to redo the layout but you can copy/paste the text from Acrobat and open/save the images in PhotoShop.

Then if you need to be precise about the layout, place the PDF on a locked layer below and use that to arrange your text and pictures. This will help with weird tracking, leading, spacing etc. Any colours you can get by using the Separations panel.

Not sure why Photoshop would be the go to?

You can extract elements from the PDF and recreate them in InDesign.


You can extract text

You can insert your PDF in InDesign and overlay text and images

YOu could even place the PDF and resize the Image frame to cover just the image - then recreate the text around it.

There’s no need for photoshop in this scenario.

I use PhotoShop for this because it’s easy - when you open a PDF in PhotoShop you have the option to open the file or just the images, which open as separate files. This even preserves layers and alpha channels in some circumstances. Then just Save each image for use in your InDesign layout.

I used to crop the PDF around each image but if you do that you have multiple copies of the PDF adding to the file size - can be a problem with lots of images, and if the PDF needs updating your images can shift in the boxes.

Ah I get ya - to just save the images out of it - yes that is possible.

I find it easier to use Acrobat Pro and using the Edit tool you can you select the image and open that in Photoshop, or Illustrator depending on it’s content (raster/vector) and save the images that way.

I find opening it in Photoshop confines you to a resolution commitment when opening the files. So tend not to go that way and extract images directly from the PDF.

Plus one of the links I showed earlier described how to extract images from a PDF.

Then again - nothing wrong with either way - different horses for different courses.

All good, I thought you were suggesting to edit the PDF in photoshop - which would result in multiple pages being edited/designed in Photoshop - which is a nightmare! I’ve been there.

In Acrobat DC and before you can export all images in a pdf at once.

In DC you choose the Export tool. There you have several options at the left hand side, and if you choose image it will give you the option to export all images.

Just a little note

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The major problem with images in PDFs is if the thing is a proof PDF, those images will most likely have their resolutions cut down for file size. Exporting them and placing them will do you no good. Same holds true for files built in scale (for instance if the PDF is a huge banner.)

If it’s a production PDF you may get luckier, but sometimes, if transparency is involved and the PDF transparency was flattened, don’t be surprised to get a billion little image fragments. There are a lot of ways a PDF can be ruined on creation. I was working on one yesterday with crop marks in the image bleed I needed. If I tried to edit the file it was in 4 slices and the crop marks had been rasterized into the image due to flattening. Had to bounce it back to the designer and take the job off the print queue.

I’m also not sure why a conversion would violate any software EULA. I convert files all the time. For all kinds of reason. Most of them in-house, yes, but still, if a client wanted a PDF converted to Indesign, and money was involved and image licensing was not, I might consider it.

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