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I am currently paying monthly to use the current Adobe packages at home. I can’t afford to keep using it so I am going to cancel the subscription and just use the programs I paid for years ago, CS3. I did this once before and all was okay until I tried to make a pdf. It would not allow me to make one. My question is, how can I make a pdf using CS3 without having to pay anything to do so?

Thank you!

First, depending on your computer OS, CS3 may not even run properly.
Second, how large is your artboard? PDFs are limited to 200" in either dimension.
Third, are you having trouble with PDF in all the programs, or just one?

i used to save as .PDF from any CS3 program.
I’m till using CS4 except the indesign does not load in High Sierra OSX.
so I have a Mountain Lion OSX on another drive for that.
CS3 is easier to use than CS4, especially PSD were the pages seem to float better, and dreamweaver was included in CS3.

If you’re only using CS3 to get Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, you might consider switching to the Affinity apps. They’re really pretty good, a bunch cheaper than Adobe’s offerings and no subscription fees.

Running CS3 will mean keeping your computer’s operating system and all the other software on the machine frozen in the past, which doesn’t sound like a good option.

VERY interesting. I did not know those existed. I see where you can purchase Affinity Publisher for $49.99. Can I make a pdf using this or do I need to buy something else to go with them? And I can run this with cc or cs3 or really, I wouldn’t even need them then, correct? Sorry, I’m 61 years old and pretty old school. Just needing something at this point for personal use, not professional anymore. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I use os x

That makes sense. I use OSX and the screen is huge, 26 inch, corner to corner.

Also, can I use Affinity Publisher and open an InDesign program in it? So sorry for so many questions.

You can’t open InDesign files directly in Affinity Publisher. The workaround is to first save the InDesign file as a PDF and then open the PDF in Publisher where it can be worked on. Sometimes this works great, but more often than not, the transfer to Publisher isn’t seamless and needs tweaking or various redos. It works a lot better than one might expect, though.

To answer a previous question, yes, Affinity Publisher can save to PDF and ten or eleven other different formats.

It’s difficult to bite the bullet and leave the Adobe suite. It’s the industry standard and there are lots of things taken for granted with Adobe products until they’re not available and missed. Even so, Affinity’s products are mostly there. I subscribe to both Adobe CC and have purchased copies of all the Affinity apps. If I had to make a choice of my computer being frozen in time with CS3 and switching to a totally modern set of Affinity products, I’d chose Affinity.

I appreciate this advice so very much! I just got a trial copy and it is amazing! This truly solved my problems! You’re the BEST!

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