Peluska Diaper Branding

Peluska is a Hungarian diaper brand focused on creating easily portable mini packs of diaper. The main aim of the brand is to make the parents’ life easier with their products. These little packages can be perfect in situations where you have to squeeze everything in a small space, or in a case of emergency, if the standard equipment is out of stock. The pack includes two diapers, one disposable baby changing mat, ten baby wipes and one diaper rash cream. The name ‘Peluska’ is a kind phrase of the word ‘diaper’ in Hungarian. My task was to design the brand and 8 labels for the 8 sizes of the diapers, in light of uniqueness, amiability and wittiness. Via

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How cute!

I’m not sure why, but in the second image I see a sequence of pain and mutilation.

  1. The chicken’s eye is bleeding.
  2. The chicken is being decapitated by the three.
  3. The chicken has a projectile thrown at it and stuck into its chest.
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I can’t unsee it now! :joy:

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