Pentawards 2018 Winners

The international jury of Pentawards, devoted exclusively to packaging design, has announced the 2018 winners. To see the full list of winners, see


As someone that works in packaging every day, I will never understand why these big industry organizations always pic student-tier designs that don’t stand a chance on store shelves in the real world.

None of these designs are focusing on what the product is or it’s benefits, making it difficult to tell what they are actually selling without asking the end-consumer to spend more time researching it. That first design (what I assume is suppose to be a tomato sauce brand? ha) would not be able to compete against any of the other leading brand’s packaging design, or even their generic alternatives…

Someone with an agenda there on the cigarettes. Not sure what brand is gonna let you do that to their packaging.
Not to mention that kind of design only works when held at one specific angle. Offset levels like that always look good on paper, but rarely work in real life.

According to the website, this stuff doesn’t necessarily have to be in-use packaging. It can be solely creative. But it sure does miss the point.

By participating in the Pentawards, packaging designers, design students, brand-owners and packaging producers have the opportunity to compare their creations to those from around the world, and have the opportunity to win a prestigious award that allows them to show the world their creativity and expertise.

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