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I have been tasked with creating a brand name that I will work with. I am a Graphic Design student, in college. I have narrowed down to a few but have a few nagging issues. Do I have to include my name or initials in my personal brand name? One name I have narrowed down to is “GANI”, a Swahili word meaning ‘which’. So should it be; GANI Graphic Design, Simply GANI, or what should I add on to the name I settle on? Does it have to pass a message?

I don’t think it needs to convey a direct message, but it should be meaningful to your potential audience in a way that resonates with or piques their curiosity in a positive and beneficial way. It doesn’t necessarily need to be clever, but it should help instill a sense of confidence while assuring them that you’re the right person to hire.

As for including your name or initials, I don’t think that’s necessary unless your instructor thinks it’s needed. Cultural and legal considerations might also need to be addressed depending on your location.

Sometimes it helps with feedback on this forum to mention where you’re from. It helps provide context for the responses. I’m assuming your potential audience speaks Swahili and would recognize some relationship between GANI and graphic design.

I am from Nairobi, Kenya though I don’t really want to restrict myself to my home audience.

I’m doing a self branding project right now as well. From my understanding you should have something that represents yourself, what you want employers and audience to see in you, and your design. So that would be completely up to you.

When my class started the self-identity project we were provided surveys so self-assess our strengths and weaknesses, how we see ourselves, how we want others to perceive us. It was kinda more like one of those know yourself spiritual things. Then did surveys of the opinions of classmates, friends and family to find out how they see our strengths and weaknesses. The one my prof gave me was called the personal brand workbook that can be found here:

After we were done all this we hit the brainstorming and the design process like usual till we came up with a brand/logo

Hope this helps, good luck!

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