Personal Branding

I am working on branding myself and was wondering if I may get some feedback on the logo I have created. I am a new designer and am using my first and middle name for my design.


When curves turn into a straight line, an optical illusion occurs. This illusion is especially noticeable in type design where the simple shapes make it more pronounced.

At the point where a straight edge turns into a curve, our brains, for whatever reason, expect both the curved and the straight edges to continue along their paths. We perceive these transition spots as anomalies that draw attention to themselves. The end result is an optical illusion of a sharper and more pronounced bend — a shoulder — than is really there. Your logo has twelve of these shoulders.

The solution is to spread out or taper the bend across a larger area in a way that isn’t mathematically accurate, but is enough to offset the optical illusion.

Another option in this case might be to make the bends deliberately sharp rather than curved, like in calligraphy.

Speaking of optical illusion, it looks like the logotype resides entirely in the southwest part of the circle, leaving the northeast unpopulated.

Still, I see a good logo emerging. I can visualize an “l”, an “n”, and an “m” to boot, but I need the full back story to justify what I think I saw. Is the full stop necessary?

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