Photo manipulation part 2

Thanks for everybody’s feedback on my last post. I have completed my final project and would love to get further feedback and any tips to make it look more seamless. Let me know your thoughts…
Thank you!

That girl is too dim, try increasing the brightness a little

Book and the smoke look unrelated

I wanted it to look as though the story is falling out of the book. Do you think there is a way to make this clearer?

Yes … by having stuff falling right off the pages … from in between the pages … and then adding some more action leading down to the ground.

Some additional shading and shadows could work wonders. Shade the girls body were it disappears into the cup. She doesn’t have much depth right now. It looks like a cardboard cutout. It’s tedious, but shadow the grass and the grass around the contact point of the cup. Make that cup have an impression on the environment.

The foreground/grass has a shallow depth of field effect, featuring focus on the mid-ground where your table is. This is why the table looks really natural and organic exactly as it is and the cup looks rather out of place. Either apply a similar effect to the cup, move the cup closer to, or beyond the mid ground, or select a photo/image that has a crisp foreground or doesn’t have a shallow depth of field at all. You can always create one with a duplicated layer, applied gaussian blur, and layer mask.

one last thing, applying and over all effect to the entire image when you’re done can help create a cohesive feel, and smooth other any minor blending errors that might be left behind. I’ll try to find an example from my prior works.

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I did some renderings using your piece. Of course I cannot use or display them here (or anywhere) without your consent. If you’d like to see them, I can show some examples.

YES, that would be amazing. Thank you :smiley:

Sorry for the delay. My new place of employment is super demanding. Looking back on these, there’s only a subtle variation on the lighting. Had I spent more time…

V1 V2 V3

In any event, notice the shading on the girl’s body as it enters the cup, as well and the grass casting a shading, as well as the cup creating an impact on the environment.

I do believe I was working on cutting out the table, layer masking it, and using prospective to have it cast a long shadow into the background, but… I got sleepy.

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