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Dear friends i work on photoshop cs 3 but am having a special problem for the last 10 - 15 days

  1. As soon as you open a file of a large size, Photoshop do’nt send, eroor comes and closes. I have also tried window-7 window-10 and checked in other computer also, 2 days runs correctly and then the same Problem comes, please suggest appropriate suggestions

My CS4 has an error report if the program is idle for a certain time. so I reboot the program.
see if that works

Could be the file is maxing out your RAM - does PhotoShop work OK with other smaller

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Isn’t CS3 pretty old?

CS3 is quite old indeed. I’m surprised it functioned this long. Your operating system may have outgrown the software, and since Adobe doesn’t really support their legacy versions, you may be cornered into moving to the cloud.

As many of us were. Myself included.

CS3 was released in 2007. When George W Bush was still president. I’m surprised it’s still running too.

my CS4 is running perfect and my CS3 i like much better in 2020 because of the better stability.
CS$ had a weird photoshop window screen positioning that is annoying compared to CS3.
if i had my choice i would use my 2007 gear more.

Maybe someone knows, is there any way to use Photoshop for free? I’m a beginner and don’t want to spend money on that

You could enrol on a course which teaches the basics of PhotoShop for beginners. You will have the use of a computer of some kind with PhotoShop installed, for the duration of the class. There may be a free course available, but more likely there will be a fee of some kind. (not available in the current lockdown of course).

You may have a friend who has PhotoShop and is willing to let you use their computer while you learn.

Other than that, no - without breaking the law.

There are alternatives which do a similar job to PhotoShop, some of which are free but they are not PhotoShop. GIMP is pretty good. A quick search may reveal other choices.

In Photoshop 21.1, every drawing action snaps to the upper-left hand corner of the screen.

Do you have snapping turned on? If so, try disabling it.

Try resetting prefs. Not sure on either windows, or cs3, but…

No. It’s a commercial product. To use it for free would be theft.

There are cheaper options like Affinity photo (which is very good), or even some free image editing packages, but you have to pay for photoshop,

You can try Photoshop for free for 7 days here:
After that, it will be disabled and you would have to subscribe (plus you’ll get interminable emails from Adobe asking you to subscribe, even after you tell them to stop.)
It’s $10 per month. Give up two Starbucks coffees in a month and you’ve paid for it.
We do not condone piracy here.

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