Photography DAM and Post Processing

Hello all you shutterbugs,

What do you use for a DAM and Post Processing and do you shoot RAW?

I currently shoot RAW with my Nikon DSLR and just JPEs with iPhone.
I still use Apple’s Aperture as a DAM and Post Processing.

BUT…that will come to an end one day when Aperture (which Apple killed off) just won’t load.
So, I will need to switch to a new DAM and PP. What do you use?
In theory, anything I switch to will either lose my edits on RAW -or- I have to flatten those edits and bring in to the new program “finished/developed”

I’ve looked at a few PP but haven’t found what I’m looking for. Ideally I’d prefer to pay once and use…not a monthly subscription to use software. I’d wish for combined DAM/PP. I’d love to be able to process one photo and copy those edits to a batch of photos. and love to have Presets that I can build for a certain look…be it B&W, Sepia, color Boost, etc.

I could switch to Apple Photos and use that as it is free but right now it is missing a few things mentioned above. :frowning: And I think you can use Extensions but I THINK that means the RAW file is converted and saved as something else and brought back to Photos…so not RAW anymore. (do I really NEED RAW files and not just converted to a picture format?)

anyway, thanks in advance!

Maybe you could clarify a bit, as your question is all over the map.

Let’s start with what do you plan to do with your photography? Where are you now, and where do you plan to be later?

That will help us understand the type of tools we should suggest.

ok, fair response. I sometimes type and then think of other things and add more.

I am just shooting photos for fun/family.
not sure about the where now/later question. I use Apple Aperture for DAM and PP editing.
later…no clue.

I shoot RAW. Work on Macs. Have DLSR and iPhone pics
Currently my photos/files stay as RAW and if I upload to any website I save out a JPG for that.

Okay, that helps considerably. :slight_smile:

If you’re just shooting for fun and family, you don’t need anything expensive. Nor do you need a DAM, or to shoot raw. It’s usually serious amateurs and professionals who concern themselves with those.

Because the only advantage to shooting raw is to keep all the detail possible for effective post processing, usually for large prints.

If you don’t need to do this, I’d switch to jpgs. Raw is not always necessary, in fact I use jpgs when the images are only for online use.

My suggestions (and I’m a professional photography mentor).

For managing your image library, I’d look at ACDSee Pro. They’re affordable, standalone, and have some cool effects. They can handle all image formats and work with your existing folders.

I’ve used ACDSee Pro for many years. I do my first download/import/select with it, then move on to the Adobe products for further processing. However, it can do all the edits too.

Here’s the link, I just saw that it’s on sale for $50 until June 20th. That’s a screaming deal.

For processing, you could use Photoshop Elements, which is a retail fun/family version of Photoshop. You can buy it for around $70. You can buy it on Amazon.

In fact, here’s an older version for Mac, for $60.

So, there you have it. You can set up a pretty good working system, for under $150.

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