Photography Discovery Thread

We always come across exceptional photography across the web. Share it here!

I was browsing facebook and came across this article from Fold Magazine. Long Exposure at night using natural lighting makes beautiful scenes.

Tom Blanchford

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I came across this on Reddit and it made me stop - this is now my desktop picture.

The photographer is David Burdeny and he seems to do a lot of pics of nature looking abstract.


This is the behance of mine but I made this for my dual screen set up.

I like it. :grinning:

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Thanks! I made a metatron graphic and found I really like creating just basic, complex shapes but applying them was the hardest part but nature works well for me

Whoa, pretty cool photo of a great white shark reminiscent of the classic Jaws poster.

That’s so cool! What an opportunity! I don’t think anything quite terrifies me like the ocean but some of the most spectacular photography comes out of it.

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Pics are so attractive. This pic shows that how much work has been done on it.

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