Photos look blurry when posted to Instagram with Social media managers

Hi. Photos posted to instagram look blurry when i post them with social media managers like hootsuite,social pilot and etc. What should i do? what settings should i change on photoshop? I’m using 2048*2048 / 72pixels inch / RGB 8 bit / Color profile : sRGB IEC61966-2.1 . Thanks in advance

The tech specs won’t matter if the photos were not in focus when they were taken. If the photos were in focus, then it might be that you are expecting them to be more detailed at lower resolutions.

Whenever a photo is resampled for smaller resolutions, you lose a lot of detail. Sometimes you need to sharpen the smaller photos to get details contrasted and exaggerated enough to seem sharper at smaller sizes and lower resolutions.

I’m talking about vector photos which i created on Photoshop. What should i do?

Vector photos?

vector graphics

You’re implying that you created vector graphics in Photoshop. Even though Photoshop has a few rudimentary vector capabilities, I’m sort of questioning whether or not you really mean what you just wrote.

Anyway, uploading these things to social media sites would require that you first rasterize the images into a format they will accept.

So getting past the whole vector-raster thing, I can’t say for sure why you’re having issues with social media managers, but your 2048x2048 is way too large for social media purposes. I’m assuming at some point along the way they’re being automatically resampled and compressed to best fit the requirements of the social media platform you’re posting them to. Avoiding their one-size-fits-all approach to squeezing down your photos might just be for you to do this work for them.

Here’s a link to what Hootsuite has to say about it:

i need one exact size to post to all social networks as i post a lot. i was using 10801080 sized photo but it was looking blurry on Facebook. then i changed it to 20482048 and now it looks cool. the only problem here is Instagram. i used lots of sizes, DPIs, still no luck. i don’t know what to do.

I get this issue with Facebook a lot. Facebook compresses images in a wicket way. I have had some success saving to PNG instead of JPG. Perhaps try that?

To reduce image blur caused by camera motion, you might sharpen the images in Adobe Photoshop efficiently. You can sharpen the images in the following way. Open the image in Photoshop and create a new layer name. Then select Filter > Sharpen> Smart Sharpen. From Remove, Select Motion Blur. Again select Filter > Other > High Pass. From High Pass, keep radius and press OK.Afterwards, select Overlay from the “blending mode for the layer” situated left side of the Opacity and save changes.

Social media is a pain if you’re not just posting photos. If you’re using anything that is designed, especially with text you need to size your graphics accordingly. You cannot, CANNOT use a one size fits all rule.

This comes in handy, it’s an always up to date google doc with the latest social media pixel sizes.

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