Photoshop 2018 adjustments issue

Photoshop is suddenly acting very oddly. The adjustments aren’t staying with the image when I print, export, or flatten.

It’s like the adjustments disappear, leaving the original image untouched.

Is there some obscure preference I tweaked without realizing? 2018 bug? I’ve never seen this before.

Image/mode/RGB color.

The original image is a jpg with middle tones.

I put a levels layer to raise the contrast. So far, so good.

Flatten - levels layer doesn’t work, middle tones come back as in the original.

Save for web jpg - middle tones back.

Print - middle tones back

In fact, even if I adjust the target layer directly (image/adjustments/etc.) as soon as I click okay, it goes back to original middle tones again.

Did you try turning the background layer into an active layer?

Yes, I duplicated and hid the original layer. (I removed most of the layers for this purpose, to not make you guys try to interpret a bunch of layers.)

I’ve had this happen before with scanned images when they’re are scanned on the “black” setting as apposed to grey-scale. However the layer is usually marked with a “indexed” tag. Which, I don’t see here. You tried changing the color format? just for the heck of it. Maybe go from RGB to greyscale.

I didn’t try changing the mode to greyscale, but I will.

I’ll try rescanning, too.

And report back. Thanks.

Since we last spoke, I’ve tried many things, and just spent 1.5 hours on the phone with adobe support.

We did narrow down that it’s only the scanned images that have this problem in Photoshop. The layers on normal jpgs work fine.

They’ve escalated it.

I’ve had this happen but can’t for the life of me remember why or how it was fixed. I’m pretty sure it was an indexed thing though, like Biggs mentioned.

I wish this was that; sure would be easier to resolve. :confounded:

It’s looking like my scanned jpgs may have something embedded that causes them to work incorrectly in Photoshop.

Have you tried changing the profile? Maybe the scanner profile isn’t recognized.

Hmmm… could the profile have changed in mid-stream? I’ve been scanning with this Canon MX922 for over a year.

This just suddenly started happening a couple of days ago, with no changes that I was aware of. No driver updates, no adobe updates, just poof not working.

But I will certainly go poking in that direction, while waiting for Adobe’s engineers to go aha! Thanks for the suggestion.

You might wait a real long time on the Adobe engineers.
I have open tech files that go back years and they have never addressed the issues.
They just add to them.

But… but… they promised by Monday. I’ve been… escalated. They said so. :astonished:

Here, you need emergency tacos STAT! :taco::taco::taco::taco:

Very peculiar. I’ve never had this happen. If you want to email it to me, I’ll see if the file behaves the same on my computer. Possibly saving it here and emailing it back might do something.

Thanks! I needed that! :laughing:

So… I switched over to another machine, and tried the same jpg on the PS 2017 version, and it had exactly the same issue.

Then, I brought the scanned image into InDesign and exported that one to a new jpg. Then brought it into PS and the adjustment layer FINALLY worked correctly on it.

So I think Printdriver and Steve_O are on to something. The scanner is doing something evil to the scanned files. And running them through another software seems to remove whatever it is.

I’ll use that workaround for the time being, because I’ve got a deadline.

Thanks so much for the help, y’all. And the tacos!

It may be solved. She said cautiously.

I called Canon support about the scanner, and we walked through the process.

There’s a threshold adjustment in the Black and White color mode setting.

If I change that away from its default position, the scanner works fine, even in different color modes, and Photoshop adjustment layers work correctly too.

This makes no sense to me, and I suggested their scan software needs some fine-tuning. They suggested some windows update mucked everything up, and hey, that could be too. Shrug.

Anyway, movin’ on. :wink:

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