Photoshop 2021 toolbar

Maybe I’m just not used to it yet, but I’m really disliking Photoshop 2021’s new way it displays tools in the tool bar. Sometimes the right tools are there, sometimes they’re hidden away in hard-to-find fly-out menus and half the time, I can’t find the tool I need no matter what I do or where I look. Nothing is where I expect it to be and when I finally find it, the next time I look for that tool, it’s not there or has moved somewhere else.

I suspect I’m missing something, but I’m growing increasingly frustrated with it.

Edit: I just found the place where I can edit the toolbar to consistently have the tools I want where I want them: Edit menu > Toolbar. I’m not sure how I missed that.

Yeh I hate the new toolbar layout. Drives me barmy. This is what happens when conglomerates who buy 1000’s of licenses a year is asked what they would like to see added, would you like a toolbar that is dynamic and easily changes to your designers needs, or do you want this stainless steel paper clip?
Oh the toolbar thing sounds great.

Adobe notoriously don’t ask designers what way things should work, and go straight to business managers who don’t even know the software.

And that’s why the whole thing is a mess, it then takes countless upvoting on to get it changed back to the way it should be - and that can take years.

I’ve found with both Photoshop and Illustrator, starting with the 2020 update, that if you aren’t very careful with your Select Arrow tool, you can inadvertantly drag tools into the next tool down or up, where they will only appear in the flyouts. It doesn’t take much of a tap. When I’m drawing with the Wacom, all kinds of havoc ensues with Photoshop, both with tools and especially that top control bar.

Am always wary of any updates to software which otherwise works fine. Have seen plenty of products that have been “upgraded” to be less accessible or practical.

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