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I tried searching for an answer to this problem, but nothing showed up/ I’m hoping someone here might have a clue.

I have a bunch of TIFF files that need to be scaled and saved as JPEGs. All of the TIFF files are in a folder within my Documents folder. I started recording a new action, adjusted size, clicked Save As…, and saved as a JPEG to the desktop.

This all works great, except the file saved to the desktop has “copy” added to the file name even though I didn’t type that in while recording the action. Also, there is no other file on the desktop with that same name that might prompt the “copy.”

If I have to go in and remove that manually from all of the file names, I’ll still come out ahead on time, but I’d rather not if there is a workaround.


I’m not sure of you’ve poked around with google … there is a lot of advice that may work.

This page, the second reply by lucat34520157 may help.

Just a hunch (haven’t looked it up), but I suspect there’s a glitch in Catalina (maybe earlier) that possibly conflicts with the Adobe apps (or maybe others).

For example, when I open an Adobe file and try to save it to a destination containing a file with the same name, I’ll get the standard dialogue box asking me whether I want to overwrite the existing file or name it something different. If I select overwrite, it doesn’t overwrite anything — it just creates a new file with “copy” appended to it.

That’s not the same problem that you described, but I suspect it’s related.

For this kind of job I always use a script that is built in Photoshop.

You can find it under the file menu>scripts>Image processor…

You can save in three different formats jpeg, tiff and psd.

Each format has his own options. And you can run an action at the same time, like changing the resolution.

All files will be put in a folder of your choice in a seperat folder with the name of the extension.

Your old file are never ocerwritten and you can’t have the copy problem.





Thanks for the replies, everyone. I will take a look at these solutions and see what works. It’s appreciated.


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