Photoshop + Apple AirPlay Issue

We have a few appleTVs in the office for streaming our computer screens onto TVs via AirPlay for presentations and working sessions.

Noticed when doing this and using Photoshop, the marquee tool’s selection boxes, and pen tool’s bezier curves do not show up appropriately on any of the screens. The tools themselves work, but we are unable to see what we are doing with them. We are all on MacBooks, so I’m not sure if this is due to us not having a beefy video card or if its an Adobe/MacOS issue.

Does anyone happen to have Photoshop and an AppleTV that is willing to test this out on their end? Can you see selection boxes when you are using AirPlay?

I have a 4th Gen Apple TV and a Mid 2015 Macbook Pro. I jus tested on my end. Here’s what I saw:

• Marquee selections show up, but not “live”, only after you’ve drawn them and “released” the mouse/trackpad.
• Bezier curves as you mentioned in Photoshop are all sorts of messed up. In m case I couldn’t drag the handles out well, and couldn’t see anything live util after clicking.

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Thanks @CraigB

Yeah, same thing is happening with us on the marquee selections… :tired_face:

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