Photoshop For iPad

It’s finally here and it’s already the best app of its kind on the iPad.

Putting it through some tests now. So far, very impressed with this first version.

Currently no support for Smart Objects, Filters, and Layer Effects; though appears these features are coming as there are placeholders for them in the UI.

PSDs with smart objects in them seem to rasterize to a layer. Not sure what happens if you try to edit the layer that was once a smart object and then try to reopen on Desktop version. Also haven’t been able to test what happens when you open a file that has layer effects.

Tested a 1.25gb PSB file, opens fine, but bogs down the app like crazy. Turning on and off a layer is slightly delayed and trying to transform a layer in a file this big is almost impossible (took 5+ seconds to respond with each touch). 200mb PSD seems fine though.

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