Photoshop Lagging

Is anyone experiencing lagging issues with the Photoshop 2021? I have done everything recommended (update, performance settings, uninstall, etc.). I have been doing some online reading and it seems like it’s an Adobe issue?

Any assistance is appreciated.

Yes, I have experienced that — immediately after, um, “upgrading” a few weeks ago. Photoshop lags and seems to perform certain tasks in a weird slow motion. It’s also not unusual for the entire image to go blank (gray) or to only partially rebuild during a window resize. Selecting everything, choosing a different tool, or performing some other minor function seems to jar it back into its senses. But it is annoying.

It’s not a huge issue, and I suppose it could be something as simple as a scratch disc issue. However, I never experiences any of these things until the “upgrade.”

I’ve found it when using the selection tool,with shift for straight line selection. If you go off frame, it slows down to a snail’s pace. It eventually catches up with itself then woks as normal. I was hoping yesterday’s updates might address this. I haven’t had time to test it yet. Fingers crossed.

Resetting preferences is usually the first thing.

If that doesn’t work then the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool is the only way to uninstall and reinstall.

It would help to know system specs too what os, ram, graphics card etc.

I noticed some updates for Photoshop yesterday but tend to ignore updates for a while

I’ve noticed some glitches and I haven’t done the upgrade. Color brush tool mostly, when traveling under another layer leaves blocky gaps in the upper layer. They go away if you click off the tool. Not sure whre that’s coming from.

I’ve also noticed that now you pretty much need to be logged in to Adobe for the software to work properly at all. That didn’t use to be the case. You could use it disconnected from the internet until recently (I found that out the last time power went out at the house. I had a generator, but no internet.)

But remember too, Photoshop on a Mac is Adobe’s M1 test subject. It is being rebuilt to run on the M1 or with Rosetta or some such silliness. I would expect all kinds of crap from the software unless they port dual versions, which I doubt but have not researched. I have less and less patience every day for software shenanigans. They need to nuke their entire line and start over.

Always worth going through known issues

Crap, I just updated it Monday. But I haven’t had any problems so far. :crossed_fingers:

Don’t worry - you will.

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Funny thing was I’ve been dealing with supplied .psd’s all week that had tons of layers groups with 10-20 layers within each group. Suckers were like 850mbs each. Thank dog it behaved, that would have been a bitch.

A lot of time with Photohog, it’s all about scratch space. I’ve found around 150gigs free drive space to be the sweet spot to avoid the drags with the big image files I work with.

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There’s a whole section on Optimising Photoshop

The coolest thing is the Efficiency indicator - it’s at the bottom of the Application Frame and can be really useful.

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The latest updates fixed the severe lag I was talking about when selecting and area with shift and going off the frame. However, now, using a Magic Mouse, as a track pad for scrolling across an image is painfully laggy. If you use the Wacom to move the scroll bars, no lag at all. It never used to do it, so something is awry with PS. Definitely not a scratch disk issue, as I have about 600gb on primary and second scratch disk with 1.5Tb spare.

Did you check out the optimisation link I posted?

Other things to check for would be driver updates for your Magic Mouse or other things like that.
Not sure how that works on a Mac?

My Mac keeps asking me to update every day and it’s annoying, I won’t do it, it works fine.

I did. Thanks. I have also uninstalled PS and and all the prefs and then reinstalled. Better.

I fully expect these things to start happening now, as this machine is coming to the end of the road, in terms of its age. Still happily plays with 2Gb layered photoshop files. It still works fine and is loaded with loads of RAM and disc space. I am scheduled to upgrade this one this year, but am waiting unto the M1 iMacs have been out for a few months and see if there are any issues. I will keep this until the niggles start getting in the way significantly, then move it to less intensive use. I think some of the problem is that a recent upgrade made the GPU incompatible so I can’t use GPU acceleration any more. Anyway, little niggles in the main, I can’t complain. Does what I want it to do and doesn’t get in the way too much.

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