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It isn’t often I can’t figure something out in Adobeware, maybe I’m just not looking in the right place or it just doesn’t work this way.
In Photoshop, is it possible to apply a Multiply Mode to one layer, group it with one or two other Multiply mode layers, and set that group to Normal Mode so the group keeps its multiply features but Overlays solid (doesn’t interact with) the layers below it?
I think that made sense. I don’t think it’s possible but I’m not a photoshop pro.

Alternatively, would some kind of masking layer work to isolate the multiply modes above a normal mode layer?

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 1.40.19 PM

If I’m understanding correctly, you can change the transparency mode from “pass through” to normal. Possibly, within your group.

Lemme try that, but I don’t think that’s it. Let me also see if I can come up with an example. Might take a night or two. Sketching fingers aren’t working tonight…or the tablet is being ornery. (I’m sure it’s the fingers.)

yup. maybe if you can share a visual way of what you’re trying to do, it may make more sense.

PD I wouldn’t do it with groups.

Have some layers with the Multiply blend mode.

To keep the orginall files live, select them and use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E.

This creates a merged layer but leaves the original layers.

The blend mode is by default Normal

Hope this helps

Trying to keep the multiplied layers editable.
Let me see if I can get a sketch done tonight.
Was too whipped yesterday to do it.

the orinal laers are still editable with this method

Will give it a shot. I don’t have the file I was working on here at the moment. It’s a “commission” of sorts that I’m working on at home.

I did try this and it didn’t work. Though it did produce a really cool effect over the entire art.

Still working on an example, couldn’t use the art I’m working on without linking myself on a different forum and I don’t want to do that…LOL.

Basically picture 3 transparent layers interacting with each other, like smoke and fire, all set to multiply.

Now I want to place that over a solid background layer without the background layer bleeding through the multiply.

I’m guessing now that that would involve a masking layer between them. Maybe a copy>merge>and somehow convert the colors to white.

I have never had to actually create Art in Photoshop. I just print files other people make. I know my way around like a kid with a hammer. This isn’t for a paying job either so I’m not worried about not knowing what I’m doing and neither are the recipients. It’s just that after one go at letting someone else colorize my inked art, I have to learn to do it myself if I want what I see in my head. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, that gives a little better idea, but without seeing it makes it tricky to see the issue. It may not work, but you can cmnd (mac) / ctrl (PC) click on one of your three layers and then shift-cmnd/ctrl click on the other two layers that will create a mask/selection of all three layers (including their level of opacity). You could then create a layer just below those three layers and experiment with filling with white, or a neutral gray of some sort, which would act as a base layer which the other 3 layers would “sit on top of”.

Once again without seeing it, it’s just a bit if guesswork at the moment.

What do you do on a lazy sunday afternoon in Belgium?

You think about Printdriver and his Photoshop problem.

Attached I tried something to mimic your question.

Is this the result you want?

yes, in a rough way, but taking the cloud edges to transparent over the background and the flame edges transparent over the cloud (without showing the red background.) I think that is where the issue lies in my hammer and chisel approach. I sort of figured out a way to do it with an underspot of “white ink” but was wondering if (hoping) there was a slicker way.

You can do the edges more smoothly with the “blend if” options.

By clicking after the name of the group you get the advanced blending options?

There you have a lot of options.

In the blend if options you can change the blending of the selected layer or group looking a the layer or group below


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