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I’m not sure if this belongs in a different section, but it’s related to using photoshop, so let me know if it would be better posted in another thread:

How can I create photoshop documents to use for mock ups in proofing as the file in the link below? I work in production art and we send proofs of products, some of which it would be great to utilize something like this. The layer to place your artwork/logo for the mock-up opens a separate sub document, but all of the needed effects/sizing are applied to make it look realistic.

Thank you!

I use mockup files frequently for logo presentations, but I have no idea how you go about creating them. Try searching on YouTube.

Why would you reinvent the wheel? There are good free mockups out there, ready to use.

That would be ideal! We do have unique products however that I’m sure no one has made. Also we do have some vendors that give access to photoshop documents of some of their products that we can mock up, but adjusting the artwork to fit properly is tedious, so it would be nice to be able to create a layer as in the ones on MockUPWorld to make that process easier.

What type of unique products do you need the mockups for?

This is exactly why I rail on and on about photoshop mockups.
When unique items are involved, either existing or in pre-fabrication, it isn’t all about slapping art onto an online piece.

Mockups should take very little time at all. Tedious maybe, but not a lot of time.

You could create a photoshop action that works on the one layer where you place your art. The action would do the rest of the work to fit it to the shape.

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If anyone has paid attention, they already know my position on mockups. I find myself baffled by the amount of time and effort some designers put into them as standard practice, while somehow I’ve managed to survive having done almost none at all.

And if they take more than “very little time,” it should be questioned whether it’s worth spending it.
This is your brain:
This is your brain looking at a mockup:

The Sub Document (PSB-I think) is a Smart Object.
You bring in the logo/object/image you want to mockup…convert to Smart Object, adjust via Transform (perspective/distort) to make it fit the plane you are on…then add Smart Filters.

Then if you want to swap out the mocked image, double-click the Smart Object, replace in the Sub Document …save that file, that brings in the new changes/updated logo.

I have created a few mockups like this because it seems those in the Field/Channel cannot grasp what the flat objects will look like on the same structures as we normally place in stores. It takes time to adjust and create the initial mockup but then is super easy afterward. Be sure to use non-destructive techniuqes/masks/filters/transforms/etc,

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