Photoshop new Image Processing option

For their relatively new “Select Subject” engine, you have the option to render using your computer (less detailed) or upload to the Adobe rendering engine on the cloud (more detailed.)
Adobe says this:

You can process your image on the cloud or on your device. Cloud processing does not save your data on our servers, and will give you more detailed results than processing on your device.

But this article sorta explains the whole thing and shows you what the somewhat minimal differences are. It’s really a your-mileage-may-vary thing and depends on your internet connection for rendering speed. Interesting article:

Can you tell that someone just spent the morning updating their adobewares…

It seems like whenever Adobe rolls out a new Photoshop feature they pick a demo image that is tailor made to demonstrate the feature.

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I don’t think that article is from Adobe. It didn’t sound like the author was all that impressed with it as a time saver. I dunno. Maybe if you do a lot of product silhouettes it might be handy. Sounds more to me like a first-foray into seeing if people will put up with the lag of cloud computing. But I wear a tin foil hat too. (not really)

Whether it’s the first move in a nefarious plot to push us into cloud computing or simply the result of a more efficient way to do some things when underpowered user computers aren’t up to the task, I don’t know. I’m really beginning to appreciate my fiber optic internet connection, though.

For what Subject Select is used for, a good operator using masks can probably do it faster than anything less than a fiber optic connection. And maybe even then if the servers are busy or the internet is down. :slight_smile:
I have cable at home not fiber, but still fast. Maybe I’ll check it out. Maybe not. Time to do my own thing at home is at a premium these days and Photoslop is not at the top of my list there.

Right. A need is met, but whether there is a problem solved may be another matter.