Photoshop, Photo manipulation, matte painting

I am a beginner who is learning photo manipulation. How did you guys master the art of photo manipulation? Where do you get your ideas from?

Hi Vvl, study and practice is the best way to master something. Can you post examples of what you want to do and what level you are currently at now? That will help give you pointers on what areas to practice.

Practice, practice, practice.

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How does matte painting fit into photo manipulation? Mattes are usually created for cinematic effects, oftentimes in 3D rendering programs (or even hand painted on glass sometimes.)

The Nik filter collection is very helpful to me, to explore various approaches for enhancing images.

The Nik used to cost $150, then it was free from Google, now it’s been bought by DXO, and they’re selling it again.

But if one still has the free install file… it still works. :wink:

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