Photoshop Script Alert

About a month ago Photoshop started giving me the following alert when I paste a smart object into it from Illustrator and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I’ve tried searching the internet but haven’t figured out what terms to use to help me figure out the solution. Any ideas?


I’m not super familiar with libraries. I can see something with this name in the libraries panel but I don’t see any option to remove or disable it.

So L364 - Getting Started with Compositing’ is a tutorial on Adobes website.
You can’t add to it because it’s read only.
The assets are found here Getting Started with Compositing

You’d need to change the library so that there’s access for read/write.

Where you can find instructions online

Depending on your OS

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Just a thought building on what Smurf2 said. It’s possible the files are stored in the cloud (Creative Cloud). If that’s the case, you could just go into Creative Cloud > Libraries and delete the entire L364 library if you’re no longer using the course/tutorial.

If they’re stored locally on your computers, it depends on your OS, as Smurf2 said.

Thank you both! I have barely touched Adobe Libraries so I’m not sure how they work, but I unfollowed the library that was giving me trouble and am no longer experiencing the error. Hooray!